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How do I embed my podcast in WordPress?

Here's how to insert your podcast episode inside of a WordPress post or page.

First, switch to the "Text" editor in WordPress

When you edit a post or page in WordPress it defaults to the "Visual" editor. To paste in our podcast episode embed code, we'll need to switch to the "Text" editor.

How to switch from Visual editor to Text editor

Next, go to Transistor, and click on the "Episodes" tab

In Transistor, go to "Episodes."

Now, click on "Share" for the episode you'd like to embed.

Copy the embed code for that episode.

Finally, head back to WordPress and insert the embed code

Once you've copied the embed code, head back to your WordPress editor.

In the "Text" view of your editor, paste in the embed code.

Paste your podcast embed code in WordPress

Now, when you preview your WordPress post (or page) you'll see the embedded player!

You can also connect these plugins to your Transistor feed, and use their player:

How to automatically cross-post your podcast into WordPress

If you're looking for an automated way to have your podcast show up WordPress as blog posts, you can use Podcast Importer. It will connect your WordPress blog to your podcast's RSS feed, and have it import each new episode, along with the Transistor embedded audio player.

Download the plugin

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