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How to share a podcast episode

Once your podcast episode is published, you can share it by going to the "Episodes tab."

There, you'll see a "Share" button for each episode. When you click, you'll be presented with these options:

If you're using Transistor's built-in podcast website you can also link directly to the web page for that episode. For example:

How to create a shareable video clip for your podcast

There are several 3rd-party apps you can use to create clips like this (then you can share them on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram).

Apps to try:

  • (desktop) – this web app allows you to upload a clip, and will create an animated waveform for your audio.
  • Overcast (iOS) – this podcast player allows you to select and export clips from your podcast.
  • Castro (iOS) – another podcast app for iPhone that lets you share clips.
  • Bullet (iOS) – "create & share captioned video segments of podcasts from any podcast app."

Unfortunately, if you're on Android, your only option right now is to use Headliner on your desktop.

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