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Using Cloudflare for DNS and SSL with your custom domain

Cloudflare is a popular CDN that provides DNS configuration and free SSL for websites across the Internet. If you're planning on using Cloudflare to configure your domain's DNS for use with your Transistor website, there are few things to keep in mind due to how it operates.

First, follow our guide for setting up custom domains on Transistor. You're probably reading this page if something isn't working correctly.

Point your domain to Transistor

Set up a CNAME DNS entry for your domain, or a subdomain of your domain, that points to For now, leave the orange cloud set to DNS and SSL.

Make sure SSL is set to "Full"

In the "Crypto" tab of your Cloudflare settings, make sure that SSL is set to "Full". This may not be the default setting if you've just created a Cloudflare account.

Now, try to load your website's URL. Your Transistor website should load, and be encrypted with SSL.

SSL Handshake Failed errors

Occasionally, communication between Cloudflare and Transistor will breakdown and you'll see the dreaded SSL Handshake Failed error page. If this happens to you, check to make sure SSL is set to "Full" in your Cloudflare crypto settings. If it already is, you're going to have to disable using SSL through Cloudflare and change to "DNS Only" so that all SSL is handled by Transistor (which we do for free as well). Simply click the orange "cloud" in your Cloudflare DNS settings, wait a few minutes and then try your website again.

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